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Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes from Alphaplast

In contrast to traditional materials, plastics are always convincing when high safety requirements have to be met and large mechanical or chemical loads have to be mastered. Due to their outstanding properties, GRP pipe systems are therefore suitable for almost every area of application.

Glass-fiber-reinforced materials are highly resistant to chemicals and often require no additional corrosion protection measures. They can withstand temperatures of up to 130 °C - depending on the formulation - and can also be adapted to local conditions easily and at low cost in terms of design and piping runs. GRP components are designed with a higher degree of safety than steel components - and at a significantly lower weight. Vacuum resistance and/or electrostatically dissipative designs further round off the product portfolio. These are just some of the reasons why modern and innovative GRP materials are increasingly being used, especially in the chemical industry.

Thanks to our own application technology, design, production and assembly team, Alphaplast delivers the highest quality and efficient solutions - with the added bonus of in-house project planning, installation and safe maintenance. Individually tailored to requirements, our technicians develop GRP piping systems, vessels, tanks and components.

Everything from a single source - from the idea to on-site implementation.

With quality and know-how

Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes from Alphaplast

The low weight of the piping systems allows larger spans with lightweight supporting structures. The high inherent stability and material rigidity of GRP piping thus offer the possibility of building individual and cost-effective systems.

Alphaplast S.L.U. looks back on more than 30 years of experience in the production and assembly of corrosion-resistant and antistatic pipes as well as fittings made of fiber-reinforced resin systems. We serve national and international customers and industries with a wide portfolio of high quality piping systems.

Our specialty is the "Hand Lay Up" of polyester pipes and fittings according to DIN 16965/16966 type D and DIN 16965/16966 type E. We also manufacture according to international standards such as AWWA, ASTM. With strict quality control, certified according to international standard ISO-9001.

Materials and technology – A strong group

The International Steuler Linings Group stands for experienced specialists, for innovative materials, current technologies, sound application technology, detailed consulting, planning and engineering in industrial corrosion protection. More than 750 fitters and supervisors in a network of international branches and agencies ensure on-time project processes worldwide right through to turnkey handover.

Whether new construction or renovation and optimization of existing plants, Steuler Linings is the specialist company for sophisticated materials and efficient processing - and has been for more than 110 years.

Know-how and service

The complete piping project from Alphaplast

In addition to consulting, materials and design, our range of services naturally also includes punctual and reliable project logistics, deliveries, site organization and the professional assembly of all necessary components and elements.

Experienced fitters assemble, take over and document all necessary verifications according to tightness, pressure and acceptance tests and accompany the commissioning on site.

Alphaplast is the one contact for your requirements and wishes. Instead of many service providers, we take care of the complete, smooth process.

Alphacor® TYPE E - DIN 16965

Pure GRP with outstanding chemical properties

ALPHACOR® Type E is a special type of pipe laminate designed with a resin-rich inner layer and reinforced mainly with textile glass mats in further construction. The resin matrix is made according to the requirements of the operating conditions. Known applications of ALPHACOR® Type E pipes include, for example, chlor-alkali electrolysis processes in the chemical industry, due to the special resin formulation.

Based on various resins - vinyl ester resins, phenolic resins, polyester resins, epoxy resins and our own formulations proven over many years. But always with resins of selected-named producers. We manufacture to the highest quality standards, according to your specifications and requirements.

Type E pipes are also available with electrically conductive equipment.


Safe pipe materials thought through further with Alphaplast

ALPHACOR® Type D is our resistant brand material, consisting of a chemical protection layer according to DIN or customer requirements and a highly resilient load-bearing laminate based on glass-fiber-reinforced, unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resins.

Depending on the requirements and operating conditions, the appropriate type of reaction resin is selected. We place particularly high value on a strong bond between the chemical protection layer and the supporting laminate. With a bond shear strength of more than 20 N/mm², we achieve high safety levels in our type D systems.

Type D pipes are also available with electrically conductive equipment.

Flanges, fittings and vessels

Securely connected to the system by Alphaplast

If flange connections are indispensable in the pipeline, we use loose flanges made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (SMC) or special steels to connect pipelines to each other in a detachable yet tight manner. These connecting elements are characterized by excellent resistance even under high chemical and thermal stress.

In addition to very good chemical resistance, the connecting elements also have the best physical characteristic values, such as high flexural strength, low specific weight and high impact strength. The flanges for piping are designed according to pressure rating (PN) and standardized by DIN EN 1092, Covestro works standard or ASME.

We also produce a wide range of fittings that improve the efficient and proper installation of piping - precise, adapted to the piping system. Alphaplast also implements special designs and functional components.

We also manufacture corresponding GRP containers or tanks up to a diameter of 1,200 mm.


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